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The crystal clear waters of the Adriatic to the east, and the Ionian Sea, Southwest beauty: the Salento peninsula, land between two seas, has always been one of the most fascinating areas of our country.
The almost medieval flavor of the old town of Otranto, the saving sulfurous caves of Santa Cesarea Terme, Tricase Porto, until the paradise of Santa Maria di Leuca are just some of the wonderful places to spend the holidays in Salento overlooking the Adriatic Coast. Going up the Ionian coast then meets Pescoluse with its Maldives of Salento, beach, named after the extraordinary clarity of the water and the fineness and whiteness of the sand.
Continuing its stunning landscapes of Marina di Ugento, Lido Marini, Torre Mozza, Fontanelle and Torre San Giovanni, you finally get to Gallipoli, the pearl of the Ionian Sea, with Torre Pizzo beaches, Green Bay, Rivabella, up to Porto Cesareo.
On this page you can find last minute offers holiday homes divided by period: April, May, June, July, August, September and October. A selection of homes for rent by individual guaranteed by the South Coasts. Check the offers of your home for the summer 2018 in Salento: Lu sule, lu mare lu and ientu. Holidays in Salento Apulia Salento Gallipoli Holiday Homes, apartments for rent and many seaside villas on offer, trulli, two studios, rental Salento Apulia, Otranto.

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