Apulia has been included among the best destinations in the world by the New York Times, as a places to visit absolutely in 2019: "Puglia magical region of southern Italy". The famous and authoritative American newspaper, includes Puglia among the 52 best tourist destinations in the world.

Apulia ranks in the 18th place thanks to its marvels: Baroque architecture, farms, landscapes, beaches, historic centers, food and wine and all its riches makes it one of the tourist destinations to aspire to in 2019. The Salento region stands out.

An example of excellence in hospitality is the 17th century Ugento Castle, recently renovated and used as a luxury hotel. This like many other pearls that are emerging in recent times contribute to make Salento as one of the most sought-after tourist destinations. Of course, to stay in Salento there are several types of accommodation, including one of the most used, the holiday or vacation homes: these are housing solutions (such as villas, houses in seaside resorts, trulli, apartments, residences) independent and fully equipped for a stay in the sign of maximum comfort and freedom of organization of your tourist experience.

After all, the new year, for the beautiful Puglia, could only start, once again, in the name of tourism. In fact, both National Geographic and Lonely Planet, the most famous travel guide in the world, had already entered our region, the first, in the Top list of recommended tourist sites, the second, in the list of tourist locations worldwide to see absolutely: "best value travel destinations in the world for 2014 ".

«The stones sleep under the snow with green dreams in the heart»: to paraphrase the quote of the Norwegian poet Olav H Hauge, winter always preannounces spring. So let's prepare to dream our journey, to plan our holidays and to carefully choose the touristic places of Puglia, a generous land to be discovered, ready for every occasion to give us unique emotions and moments of infinite and unforgettable beauty. Enjoy your dream holiday.

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